Catching Feelings
Catching Feelings 5.4
My Perfect Romance
My Perfect Romance 4.9
The Girl Who Invented Kissing
The Girl Who Invented Kissing 5.9
Fifty Shades Freed
Fifty Shades Freed 4.4
Submergence 5.6
Ismael’s Ghosts
Ismael’s Ghosts 5.7
Below Her Mouth
Below Her Mouth 5.6
Radiance 6.3
Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool
Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool 6.8
Padmaavat 7.2
Allure 4.6
Their Finest
Their Finest 6.8
Phantom Thread
Phantom Thread 7.8
Ana, mon amour
Ana, mon amour 7.1
One Small Hitch
One Small Hitch 6.6
Twilight 5.2
The Theory of Everything
The Theory of Everything 7.7
1 Mile to You
1 Mile to You 6.3
Rebel in the Rye
Rebel in the Rye 6.6
Hampstead 5.9
Battlecreek 6.0
Buried Alive
Buried Alive 6.6
The Lodgers
The Lodgers 5.3
Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect 7.2
Irreplaceable You
Irreplaceable You 6.3
Love Per Square Foot
Love Per Square Foot 7.7
9 Songs
9 Songs 4.8
On Body and Soul
On Body and Soul 7.7