All Nighter
All Nighter 5.7
Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit 6.6
22 Jump Street
22 Jump Street 7.0
I Am Not an Easy Man
I Am Not an Easy Man 6.6
Room(h)ates 5.2
Father Figures
Father Figures 5.3
Status Update
Status Update 5.5
Paddington 2 [PT]
Paddington 2 [PT] 8.0
A Estrela de Natal [PT]
A Estrela de Natal [PT] 5.8
Ferdinando [PT]
Ferdinando [PT] 6.7
Coco [PT]
Coco [PT] 8.5
Sun Dogs
Sun Dogs 6.5
The Clapper
The Clapper 5.1
I Can Speak
I Can Speak 7.6
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 7.7
Beatriz at Dinner
Beatriz at Dinner 6.1
Their Finest
Their Finest 6.8
The Meyerowitz Stories
The Meyerowitz Stories 7.0
Don’t Talk to Irene
Don’t Talk to Irene 6.7
The Ice Cream Truck
The Ice Cream Truck 4.2
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary 5.6
The Motive
The Motive 6.8
The Star
The Star 5.8
Game Over, Man!
Game Over, Man! 6.6
One Small Hitch
One Small Hitch 6.6
Life Is Beautiful
Life Is Beautiful 8.6
Shanghai Noon
Shanghai Noon 6.6
Shanghai Knights
Shanghai Knights 6.2